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About Us

Artcof is a small workshop for the production of designer coffins.

When faced with funerals and the choice of a coffin, we reveal a gaudiness and bad taste unworthy of a loved one: satin frills, vulgar lace, gilded garish handles, acid colours velvet.

We wish that saying goodbye to loved ones would be beautiful, and when choosing a coffin, our clients would remember the best moments spent with the nearest and dearest, and a client’s choice would reflect the deceased's personality.

There are no classic models in our coffins range. We offer a palette of deep saturated colours and delicate hues. Furthermore, we produce unique coffins, hand-painted with ornaments based on Russian and European motives.


BIN 1217700602998
2nd Frezernaya street, 14, building 1G, Moscow, Russia, 109202
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